NICU Essentials

Felix’s first room in the NICU, you can see his heavily decorated closet in the background and my water bottle.

Bryan and I spent 5 months trekking back and forth to the NICU. It was exhausting, but worth it to see our little guy. I cherished every moment I could spend with my baby and didn’t want to waste time hunting down everything I needed every morning before I left, so I had my general essentials pre-packed, grabbed a few things that couldn’t be pre-packed, and kept a few things in the hospital. Here’s my list of essentials. Maybe they’ll help you too!


  • Diaper bag (backpack) — I received a diaper bag backpack when Felix was born and it had plenty of room to carry around everything I needed, and after Felix came home, it continued acting as my go-to bag.

Hospital closet

  • Pumping parts (I had two sets — one at home and one at the hospital)

So that’s it. I know every hospital is different, but I hope my list comes in handy for you. Let me know if I missed anything in the comments.



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